Open Letter to Vendor Liaison Margie Maes On Caucus Priorities & Plans

From: AALL Consumer Caucus
To:  Margie Maes, AALL Vendor Liaison
Date: February 7, 2011

Re: Caucus Priorities & Plans

Dear Margie,

The AALL Consumer Caucus was delighted to see your goals for 2012.  We applaud your plans and hope to support your efforts.  We were very glad to be asked for input about directions for AALL’s efforts in the coming year, and have been working on a response.  We want to particularly applaud the choice of Carol Nicholson as the new editor for the Price Index.  We would like to recommend that the Price Index committee consider including as broad a spectrum of true supplementation costs as possible for ALL vendors. This information is available from a reliable source, the Legal Information Buyers Guide, from New England Law Press, winner of AALL’s 1998 Joseph Andrews Bibliographical Award, and the 1999 Connie E. Bolden Significant Publications Award.

The Consumer Caucus plans to invite the broader membership of AALL to engage in a conversation about which issues should become a top priority this year.  We hope to use the AALL Daily Digest as a forum.  We hope that if we begin a conversation with one or two fairly wide-spread issues that affect many libraries, we can get a good chat moving.  It is possible that we may also mount a Facebook presence for this effort and work to engage AALL members through this forum as well.  We hope then to actually survey members on which issues they think are most important.  We would like, ideally, to generate a strong consensus around one short-term goal and perhaps one long-term goal for a consumer-oriented issue.  We would certainly share the results of these conversations with you.


Betsy McKenzie
On behalf of AALL Consumer Caucus

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