Standing Together For Consumer Advocacy

Several Caucus members have recently expressed the need for us to stand together. Thus Marie Newman said that “no law library today is immune from the pressures of the marketplace, and we need to stand together in advocating for the needs of our institutions and users.” In her law-lib message of November 8th, Bess Reynolds invited everyone to participate: “We want to make our Caucus as responsive as possible to the needs of AALL members. You can help us by joining. Even if you cannot join us, we welcome your suggestions and insights.” Finally, Joe Hodnicki observed that “all market sectors represented by AALL members can and should work together,” even as he added  in his Law Librarian Blog post that he was not representing the Caucus.

Our Caucus belongs to every AALL member. We want to respond to your interests and concerns.  If you support our purpose, how do you think we should pursue it? If you do not support it, or feel ambivalent, what are your concerns? All of us share the same fundamental values as law librarians, even where some of us may disagree on their application to consumer advocacy. Our shared values allow us to explore not only our differences over consumer advocacy, but our overlooked opportunities for consensus.

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