Jones Day Partner Greg Catanias to larger legal information vendors: “Your business model is broken.”

At today’s PLL-SIS Summit, Jones Day partner Greg Castanias spoke on how librarians add value to law firms. Connie Crosby summarizes his comments here. “You fail to understand,” Castanias told legal information vendors, “how we do business while seeking partnership with us.” Another attendee said that he “attack[ed] Wexis vendors for incomprehensible billing.” Connie tells me that his presentation “got a lot of applause, and even some table banging from the audience.”

8/3/10 Update: Greg Castanias has posted his speech today at On Firmer Ground, and responds here to a comment about “vendor bashing:

“Jeremy Sullivan had two problems with my speech. As to the first one, he labels it “’vendor bashing’ (which he may do if he wishes), and thereby discounts it because it’s supposedly ‘the easiest thing in the world to do.’ But to so categorize my words minimizes the points I was making, among which are: (1) that these are real problems that we at the firm-ownership level are having with vendors; (2) we in “management” are — or ought to be — aligned with our library professionals in this respect; (3) each of you is not a lone and powerless voice in the wilderness, and if you know that — and align yourselves with your firm’s management — you have the power to effect positive change in your relationships with vendors; and (4) a ballroom full of library professionals heard these words from a library partner, and vendors need to know that. (The e-mails I’ve received in the past few weeks confirm that others who heard or read my words — lawyers, librarians, AND vendors — picked up these points exactly.)”

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