Will a proposed Caucus Formation Policy preclude our eligibility to become an AALL Caucus?

AALL President Joyce Janto recommends that the  Executive Board adopt a proposed Caucus Formation Policy at the Board’s July 21st meeting. Our Caucus only just this afternoon became aware of the proposal. We have asked the Board whether it would bar our eligibility to become an AALL Caucus.

7/21/11 update: Joyce has confirmed that our “professional interests” under this policy would qualify us to apply for AALL affiliation.

Dear Board Members:

Our group of AALL members only just took notice of the proposed Caucus Formation Policy under Tab 18 of the July 21st Board Meeting Agenda. Therefore, we have had no opportunity until now to learn how this proposed policy might apply to our group if we decide to file a new statement of purpose following the Annual Meeting. We will consider our form of organization when we meet on July 25th.

Under these circumstances, we ask the Board to clarify how the Board would apply the policy before the Board acts on the recommendation to adopt it. The policy appears to limit Caucus eligibility to four categories:

1. Shared backround;
2. Shared work environments;
3. Shared professional interests;
4. Work related to a AALL Special Committee

Of course, we believe that our “shared professional interests” would merit our eligibility for Caucus approval. Please confirm that the Board will rely on this interpretation of the policy.

We seek this clarification because we have recently asked Joyce to consider two statements of purpose under which we might organize as an AALL Caucus. In her memo of June 15, 2011, Joyce says that “we have once again been approached by members to form a caucus that may or may not be in AALL’s best interests. I think that we should re-visit the idea of having some formal procedures in place governing the formation of caucuses just as we have for the formation of SISs and Chapters.”  We do not know that Joyce was referring to our Caucus proposals, or that she meant to compare our group with a “Vegans” group that sought Caucus status in 2007. Nevertheless, we ask that the Board reject the policy if the Board would interpret it to bar our eligibility to become an AALL Caucus.

Michael Ginsborg
Chair, Consumer Advocacy Chair

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